Pilion   wo der Zentaurus zuhause ist

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Pilion  /  Griechenland

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Pilion – clear water and sea, nature in its purest form! Too precious for just having a swim……..



Depicted here is only a small area of the bathing beaches

The Pilion was mentioned in Greek mythology – as the habitat of such fabulous creatures as the centaurs, those unique hermaphrodites; crossbreeds between man and horse. The Pilion mountain range suited the twelve gods of the Mount Olympus very well to spend their jolly summers in style – a great inspiration for many Greeks, especially every August when they happily escape their hot and sweaty big cities and flock to this gorgeous summer retreat.

As early as antiquity, the Pilion with its herbs was a talking point 

An excursion on the historic                     Pilion train (return journey from                                                                         Lehonia to Milies)

……or just chill out and relax

The Meteora monasteries – a 2 hours’ drive