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One of our guests once coined the phrase: “Up here, one can hear the silence of the night”!
One has to cope with so much noise all year long. We offer you peace, tranquillity and ample space in a magical setting that far exceeds typical offers from other places.
Our property is about 4,500 square metres and slopes down in the front, almost 20 metres vertically towards the village. You can enjoy a stunning view over the olive groves and catch sight of the entire Gulf of Volos in front of you. Any noises coming from the village are barely noticeable up here. Even during sweltering heat, there is always a pleasant breeze outside the BALKONI coming over the mountain from the Aegean Sea. As a consequence, the nights are mild and the evenings are a really joyful experience because of the gentle winds.


Pick seasonal fruit from our garden. Every year, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. are in abundance.  We are happy to advise you as to which local farmer is selling the best sheep cheese (“feta”) at that moment. Obviously, we are delighted to provide you with our own harvested olives and olive oil (“extra virgin oil”, naturally!) – at no extra cost.


As already mentioned, this holiday home offers ample equipment and facilities. The kitchen boasts with all modern refinements, such as a ceramic hob, a baking oven and a brick barbecue (which has served us well for roasting suckling pig and lamb). The dishwasher takes care of all the washing up.
Eating fish in a taverna can be expensive. For the fish fan, however, there is the opportunity of fetching the fish either from the fish market in Volos or buying it direct from a fisherman directly off his boat. We have also got personal connections to one or two fisherman enabling us, depending on the catch and the season, to get crayfish or other fine shellfish – and all that at affordable prices!


Pinot Noir2

Our hobby and passion is making wine.  We have nearly 450 vines which produce about 350 litres of wine:  Spatburgunder, Chardonnay and the Malvasia Bianca, an ancient grape variety which nowadays is solely cultivated in Sicily and Malta. Our wine is a pure product of nature, which is not treated with pesticides unless absolutely required. As to the content, it is the pure fermented grape juice without additives. In spite of possibly having “one too many” you won’t wake up with a hangover the next morning!

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